Inspired by nature, We realize what we are


Cochin Adventure Foundation is an organization open for all those who have the zest for adventure, thirst for exploring the unexplored & creating their own paths to infinity. Here we will share a common responsibility- A responsibility to grow

in symbiosis. Here we will help each other, share information about various ventures, share photos, travelogues & any relevant material thereof.

Aim of our group is to help explore the nature and capture nostalgic moments and cherish each and every moment.

Helping and encouraging like-minded, nature loving, outdoor passionate people to come forward challenge themselves and overcoming the challenges together as a team. The Club, welcomes people from all walks of life to participate in our socio-
adventure activities, without any barrier of age, gender, cast or creed.

Here no one is stranger. We all are bound by one thing in common-Passion; Passion for trekking, love for nature, Respect & pride for the history & responsibility of preserving our rich heritage.

We realize the importance of eco-consciousness and have embraced it as one of our key objectives. In other words, we are Cochin Adventure Foundation and we constantly work towards keeping our environment safe. Protecting the natural environment through the promotion and support of various conservation efforts is also our priority.

Cochin Adventure Foundation is a community that is committed to make our home, our planet, a better place to live in. Our ultimate goal is to inspire the next generation and increase their participation in the conservation of nature.

“Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.” — Khalil Gibran

Off late, there is much popular and a mandatory requirement for traveling, and that is to travel in an eco-friendly manner.

It is we who are dependent on nature. Considering that it is the space of nature that we travel in, and hence etiquette

should be followed to keep the travel safe not only for you but for nature too.